IPL Excel 2013The Indian Premier League will enter its sixth season in 2013. The season will, as usual, begin in April 2013. The date of commencement for this year has been scheduled to 3rd of April 2013, whereas the last match will be played on the 26th of May 2013.

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This year, there will be 9 teams competing against each other to get their hands on the winning trophy. Each team will play twice against the remaining 8 teams, once at home and once away. In total, there will be 72 such matches that will comprise of the league matches. After getting over with league matches, four top teams in the table will get to play in the new-format knockout matches of the tournament. This will include two qualifier matches and 1 eliminator match. Winners of both the qualifiers will play in the final match. Thus, a total of 76 thrilling 20-over matches will be played. And if you're a die-hard IPL fan, you wouldn't want to miss out on even a single match.

With 76 matches to be played and 55 days allotted for these, this simple calculation shows that some days will have two matches played in 1 day. With things like timings of the match, teams playing, day match of day-night match, and many more such factors to take care of, it gets really difficult to keep a track of every small info of each match. That's where the role of IPL 2013 Excel Schedule holds importance. The schedule is in an excel file and contains all the small and big information about each and every match scheduled to be played in IPL 2013. Information includes IST and GMT timings of each match, which teams playing on which dates and against which team, whether a day match or day-night match, and the venue. Thus, you need not worry anymore about missing out on any IPL fun. IPL Schedule Excel 2013 does the task for you.