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The cash rich t20 tournament, Indian Premier League, has shown magnetic attraction to pull the attention of cricketers and cricket lovers from every corner of the world since its inception in 2008. The auctions are anticipated as much as the matches for every tournament. Since the first auctions which took place in 2008, players have been paid in US Dollars. During the inaugural auctions, the IPL authorities have decided 40 Rupees as the standard exchange rate for which the players will be paid by their respective franchises.

The same exchange rate has been validated until the fifth season of the Indian Premier League. However, the exchange rate has been stagnant only for the Indian players. The overseas players have been paid by their franchises according to the fluctuations in the USD-Indian Rupee exchange rate. This has resulted in the IPL franchises being forced to pay more for the same auction bet due to poor Rupee. This is the reason why IPL franchises have forwarded their demand to conduct the fresh auctions with Indian Rupee as base. Speculations were rife that the auctions for the sixth IPL shall be done in Indian Rupees; however that seems to be unlikely since the auction is just a couple of weeks after and there has been no official announcement.

This has resulted in the likeliness that the 2014 auctions may take place in Indian Rupees. Also, sources have gathered information that certain teams and even some of the top players have forwarded their view to the IPL commission to put every player in the auction pool for the 2014 auctions. Until now, the domestic players have been paid on contract basis where the payable amount was decided on how long they have played. Hence, 2014 seems to be ideal to make bulk changes in auction criterion.

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